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Cindy Brassard

ELECTRIC NINJA - CEO of Electric Ninja- Cindy has been in business for over 35 years. She has been involved in a multitude of Charity and Volunteer Groups over the years. Along with Tim Brassard and Vic Hospes they have been operating electric Ninja a Residential & Commercial Electrical Company that works together with Sunfire Systems installing Solar systems for Homes with both Off grid and grid tie systems. Along with her husband Jerry they have built their own Home from the ground up.


Tim Brassard

ELECTRIC NINJA - Tim has over 16+ years of experience as a licensed electrician and is currently specializing in off-grid and solar solutions. Tim also has over 7+ years of experience building log homes giving him extensive well rounded knowledge of the home construction process. Tim's ability to bring custom solutions with customer satisfaction make Tim a huge asset to our team!